How to become a web developer

The web developers and php programmers are responsible for designing websites or web applications. His mastery of programming languages ​​allows him to create websites and applications that meet customer needs.

If the web developer is to have some affinity with IT, being a geek is not enough to be successful in this profession. Computing and the web are universes so vast that it is difficult to be an expert on all the related subjects. Also, the web developer (also called web integrator) should above all know the essential languages ​​involved in the design of a website or a web application: mastery of HTML and CSS, JavaScript and PHP are already a good entry point. entry to obtain a web developer position.

The main missions of the web developer or integrator

The web developer usually works in an ESN, a web or digital agency, at the advertiser or even as a freelance. Its primary mission is to create a website or a mobile application in accordance with specifications and under the responsibility of a project manager. The developer generally starts with a model that he will transcribe into lines of code to bring it to life. He will then sometimes have to make choices in terms of languages ​​and technologies in order to opt for the most relevant for a given project or feature. Depending on the projects, he can make the decision to work on a CMS (content management system) such as Wordpress, Prestashop or Drupal which are tools to facilitate the layout of websites, or create a website from zero. The work of the web developer does not stop after coding a site or an application and after making sure that any bugs do not interfere with navigation. Indeed, depending on what has been agreed with the customer, he can continue to add functionalities, make updates and therefore ensure product maintenance work but also carry out training in order to make the site administrators autonomous. once the project is delivered.

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