New concepts for a bright and virtual future

In our digital ecosystem, there are many opportunities to surprise and innovate our practice life day and especially in the vision of a professional life. In a new tendency technology, two systems are already taken place, the AR and the VR. Based on the same goal, the two technologies are often confused. And we will talk more about it.

Let’s talk about VR

Virtual reality is surely one of the most fashionable technologies of the moment. The concept is simple, we use a blackout helmet covering the integrality of his field of vision, the user is literally immersed in an alternative world modeled in three dimensions in which he can move and interact directly on the drama. In the beginning, the virtual reality is essential in the field of entertainment (video game, television or cinema), and as quickly as it is found in its place of professional subject and commercial uses.

The AR positions

In the opposite of the VR place, the Augmented Reality uses the real world to integrate and digitized information with which the user can interact. You can have more information by using an augmented reality apps to face the reality of your target. They use a helmet or glasses adapted to this technology but also a smartphone or a tablet, we can instantly change our world view by superimposing virtual elements like text, images, textures and so else. There is more mobility, since it allows a much more versatile use than virtual reality headsets. It is also a remarkable tool to strengthen the emotional bond between a brand and its consumers! The idea is to offer through this technology useful and / or entertaining elements to support our knowledge of the world or simply disguise our reality by adding a touch of color very personal.

We will soon leave the anecdotal level to go an even more essential integration. The future will be in a virtual, vision and the reality is in a new dimension with php programming.

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