What Makes a Popular Programming Language?

A wide range of elements can help make a language one of the most widely used programming languages. Some are found among the most popular programming languages ​​simply because they are widespread and versatile. Others are at the top of the list of the most requested programming languages ​​due to the lack of experienced developers. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the main factors that appear to be common to the most used programming languages ​​in 2021:

Versatility: The top four on our list of popular programming languages for php developers ​​- Java, C, C ++, and Python - are all very versatile languages ​​that can be used in many areas. This makes sense, given that the most widely used programming languages ​​are those that have multiple use cases.

Ease of Use: Most of the most popular programming languages ​​are relatively easy to use. They generally have relatively simple syntax, large online communities, and are easy to solve.

Speed: When it comes to developing things like websites or games, speed is everything. So it makes sense that some of the most requested programming languages ​​according to the Tiobe index are the fastest.

As you will see when we begin to take a closer look at the most widely used programming languages, it is very rare that a language with narrow use cases is very widespread. Usually languages ​​like this are confined to a small niche with a few active users.

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